Our French & English Playful Language Programs for Children Aged 6-12

A1.1. Level

If we look at the general achievements, in summary: 
  • Alphabet, numbers, days, months, seasons, colors, adjectives, countries…
  • Greetings and farewells
  • Introduce yourself

A1.2. Level

In addition to a subroutine; student, 
  • Knows basic verbs.
  • Understands negative sentence structure.
  • Learns various word groups (clothes, foods…).

A1.3. Level

In addition to the two subprogram achievements (A1-1 and A1-2), the main achievements are as follows:
  •  The student can express himself about his daily routines.
  • Can shop.
  • Can talk about past actions and future actions.

Each stage consists of a total of 12-week program, including one hour of English and French, 2 days a week.
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Features of Our Program

Our groups consist of a maximum of 3 students.
Pedagogical training videos related to the content of that lesson are shared with parents after the lesson. Having children watch/listen to relevant videos throughout the week accelerates their language development.
We have parent or parent-free options for our playgroups.
They learn English and French at the 3-stage A1 level (beginner), which we group according to levels and ages, by adhering to the European Language Portfolio.

CHÂTEAUKIDSOur foreign language play groups for ages 6-12 include different disciplines.



From birth, children begin to apply what they learn through imitation. Therefore, theater is indispensable for our education.


While children improve their foreign languages through music, they develop their physical, social and mental skills with songs, dances, instruments and movement-based games.


They develop their creativity and self-expression skills through painting within the framework of a foreign language.


While they develop their strength, self-confidence, flexibility and social skills through sports, they learn a foreign language by experiencing it with commands in a foreign language.