CHÂTEAUKIDSis the Château project of TZL Management Consultancy.

Château Education; It is a well-established educational institution with an INNOVATIVE education approach and 14 years of experience.

We prepare students for the information age with our innovative and creative education system, which we offer by making them love materials that will increase awareness of multilingualism and curiosity in learning. For detailed information You can visit our website.

Play is an art of learning!
The child's language is play!
Games are a great way to break up the monotonous exercise environment in the classroom!
Children eagerly await the experiences of making, language, logic, and problem solving!

Our Education Principles

The child's language is play.
CHÂTEAUKIDSIn , our language is game. Play attracts the body and arouses desire. This sensitivity engages the child in communicative behavior. It develops students' emotional skills by making the child experience certain feelings such as teamwork, cooperation and solidarity. Child; Thanks to the game, children acquire and develop skills such as classification, ordering, and awareness of the concept of time and space. Mistakes are inevitable during the game. Children learn by making mistakes through education through play.
Theatre, music, painting and sports disciplines should be used together in language learning.
CHÂTEAUKIDSEducation in Turkey includes different disciplines. Children; From birth, they begin to apply what they have learned through imitation. Therefore, theater is indispensable for our education.
While children improve their foreign languages through music, they develop their physical, social and mental skills with songs, dances, instruments and movement-based games. They develop their creativity and self-expression skills through painting within the framework of a foreign language. While they develop their strength, self-confidence, flexibility and social skills through sports, they learn a foreign language by experiencing it with commands in a foreign language.
A safe environment should be created to play and learn.
CHÂTEAUKIDSThere are safe areas with freedom of movement where children can play freely. Our equipment and play materials are prepared according to the age groups of children. Hygiene is indispensable. Hygiene studies are carried out in our institution very frequently with nano silver ion technology. The health and safety of children is our priority.
The most profitable period for language learning is between the ages of 2-7.
CHÂTEAUKIDSForeign language education starts at the age of 2. Children between the ages of 2 and 7 complete their language learning development and begin to think with symbols. Due to their flexible brain structures, children learn the language they learn faster and in a way that is close to their native language pronunciation, especially until the age of 5. They keep information in their minds for a long time.

Opinions of Our Parents